I made up a routine that is working great. I didn’t know what it was at first, but now it’s killer. However, it arrived this morning, Friday. Sep 19, Messages: I thought the gallery of the gaffs looked great, and I immediately had some of my own ideas for the cards. Nice job Wayne and Danny.

ultragaff dvd

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ultragaff dvd

I do not open the deck until i’ve watched all DVD’s then when it ends I open the deck and watch them again gong step by step with the guys. I think this is going to be a favorite of a lot of people.

UltraGaff Tricks & Effects Training DVD

Apr 21, Keep in mind that my feedback here may not match your own. Could be a strong part of your routine, or just a throwaway gag.

ultragaff dvd

The back of the top card is then gradually changed from red to blue. Oct 8, Messages: Share This Ultragadf Tweet. There are a few reasons.

ultragaff dvd

It was indeed a several-hour undertaking with many breaks involved. Ok, then, here we go with the longest DVD in the trilogy, weighing in at an hour and 40 mins, and offering 6 tricks, plus some other thoughts in general.

That part all depends on you, and how creative you are. I assumed that the free shipping thing was a little bonus, rather than a glitch, so I went ahead for the overnight shipping option.


It also gives helpful tiops on what you can do with the cards they left out of the DVD. Dec 17, Messages: You say that the selection where she stopped is her named queen of hearts. Goku New user Japan 92 Posts.

I really enjoyed watching the DVDs and going through the deck along with Wayne and Danny, and I was happy to write up this review. But other than that it was great! This DVD is very powerful and teaches you the most simple tricks that are possible with the deck. I made up a routine that is working great.

To be honest, I agree with not glossing over the shapeshifter here, as the dedicated DVD is truly excellent and really does go into all of the subtleties on the change. This DVD is very good and you’ll get to witness a little bit of Danny playing the guitar.

The audio and video quality of the DVDs are fine. On the other hand, there are some cards in here that I was really looking forward to seeing in the context of a specific routine, such as the mis-made cards. I got these today and have already been performing of the tricks to friends and I have been getting really good reactions.


The Magic Cafe Forums – UltraGaff: In-Depth Review

Had they not said that I would not have noticed it. Yep, I posted the review on the E forums. Danny even says before the “Green Card filler” comment that he hates filler. I ended up getting the signed deck as well.

He mixes up the ink on the wrong card into a jumbled mess, the spins or re-paints it into a representation of the actual selection. I would give them an: I’d also like to mention that the vast majority of the effects and routines are easy enough that beginners can do them without eons of practice. These DVD’s were very good and they’re my favorite. Apr 20, Messages: No tricks are taught, but a great little section on theory that also includes some tips on psychology and timing.

Each volume stands alone, or can be purchased in a complete set of 3.