The controls within the Typemonkey pane let you adjust some of the move styles and interpolations. Project Description Kinetic Type with Monkeys. An assortment of keyboard commands will help control the layout and the timing of the end result. These are arranged horizontally and vertically in a bigger-than-raster field. Each word still animated on individually.

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By sliding the marker, both the timing of the word, and the camera move will adjust with it. Will drift continuously from typemonkey word to the next with eases. At this point Typemonkey operates as a macro to automatically build the layers, the moves and the 3D camera animation.

The final result is a timeline that shows the 3D camera layer with all word layers shied. typemonkey


typemonkey The starting point for kinetic text is a typemonkey layout of stacked words. Select your font in the Character Window Step Will delete all of the TypeMonkey’s hard work. It will also create a parented camera that points to each successive word as it transitions on. Play Full clips -Camera Auto Frame: This controls the typemonkey layout parameters. Both are defaulted to shy, but are visible in the building process. Repeat the process for Typeemonkey Step Attached Files TypeMonkey Project.

Will move continuously from one word to the next without any easing. If you want to skip right to the TypeMonkey part, just begin at Step Once this layout is created, the entire stack of layers is viewed typemlnkey a 3D camera, which in turn is animated to create the moves from one word to the typemonkey as they appear inside the raster of your composition.


An assortment of keyboard commands will help control the layout typemon,ey the timing of the end result. There are eighteen to choose from. To add energy and pace, you would next offset the timing of each layer and add typemonkey entry animation to the word on that layer, typemonkey that it flys, fades, rotates or types into visibility.

Creating a kinetic text layout is relatively straightforward and can easily be created by an editor using After Effects or Motion. Markers are labeled with the corresponding word on typemonkey Timing Control layer.

You put water into a cup It becomes the cup You put water into typemonkey bottle it becomes the bottle You put in a teapot it becomes the teapot Water can flow or it can crash Typemonkey water, my friend ———— Step 2 – Open up Premiere, Create a new project and drag the Bruce Lee Audio typemonkey tyypemonkey the Project Window. Take a moment to tell us what you think of this class.

Quickly Sync Kinetic Type to Music With TypeMonkey for After Effects – Lesterbanks

This lets you hold longer on some words and move more quickly through others. Typemonkey UnDo It, make your revisions to the settings and repeat or not. Tells the TypeMonkey to start kinetic typing. This differs typemonkey the square bracket command in that the thpemonkey of words will animate on together, as if they were one word.


Through adjustments at both locations, designers can get quite a large range of variations from this typemonkry tool. This brings them full screen for a moment as the reader follows typemonkey context of this text. Each word still animated on individually.

Sync to Voice Over. Moves from word to word are evenly space for the length of the composition or selected work area typemonkey markers at each change.

The view shifts from one word to the next in sync with the announcer at the reading pace of the typemonkey.

TypeMonkey for After Effects | Orrin Zucker | Skillshare

The brackets will group words into a single line with a consistent size. You can also set up a series typemonkey colors, so typemonkey each word changes color as it cycles through the five palette choices. TypeMonkey will not know what to do with the extra words in the new composition.