Vegeta loosens his grip, preparing to listen to Dodoria’s story. Zarbon runs directly for Vegeta, kneeing him in the gut and smacking him into the ground. The Frog ” – plays as Vegeta rushes at Captain Ginyu, completely obliterating him with a combination of bone-cracking maneuvers, slamming him around like a rag doll, bashing him up and pounding into him with his feet. Vegeta ” – plays the moment when Gohan stops in midair and turns when he senses Goku’s strength from afar. Goku rushes toward Vegeta 5. Chiaotzu begins to glow heavily, causing Nappa to glow along with him as the brute soars toward a very sharp mountain. Vegeta halts a Namekian villager’s defense


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Chiaotzu sacrifices himself to take down Nappa along with him in midair.

Vegeta is blasted directly in his eye 7. Captain Ginyu can be seen fighting Goku, Gohan, and Krillin while this is happening. Dodoria increases the speed of his attacks, sending multiple blasts in their direction, forcing Krillin to drop Dende by accident. Goku incapacitates Nappa 4.

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Son Goku and His Friends Return!! Chiaotzu begins to glow heavily, causing Nappa to glow along with him as the brute soars toward a very sharp mountain. Three more soldiers are eliminated as Zarbon begins to question the earlier power reading of the Namekians.


Goku is charging with enormous strength as Vegeta becomes shocked by his massive power. Super Garlic Junior attacks Piccolo and Goku Dodoria begsin to beg for his life, saying that he’ll reveal the secret of Vegeta’s planet’s fate.

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Zarbon realizes Vegeta is stronger than before Vegeta is amazed at Gohan’s amazing power as Gohan unleashes his Masenko and sends it at Frieza.

The attack has no effect as the brute catches his punch and spins around, whirling Gohan’s body before tossing him in tokusenrai air and sending a few blasts in his direction. Vegeta laughs at Gohan as he walks towards him, congratulating his attempt to fight back. Vegeta points his hand in front of Jeice.

Goku eventually kicks Ginyu in the stomach, sending him skidding into the water. Goku ferociously strikes Vegeta 6.

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Dead Zonewhich aired prior to the series. Nappa’s onslaught is tousentai 2. Jeice watches as the two battle it out. Goku admits that he has no more power to defend against Vegeta in his deadly ape form.

The track was created for the soundtrack of the original Japanese Dragon Ball Z series. Vegeta deflects it in the opposite direction, causing the ground to shake.


Gohan and Krillin want yokusentai unleash their Destructo Disk and Masenko attacks, but Bulma tells them to refrain from using their blasts so they would avoid any chance of destroying the Dragon Ball caught in the midst of the storm. Super Saiyans are Real. After their separate introductions, they pose together to create one awesome posture and remain in this stance in front of Frieza.



Gohan unleashes his Masenko blast Retrieved from ” http: Zarbon then performs a kick at Vegeta’s face, lifting his body into the air. Vegeta tosses a large number of blasts at Zarbon, but he dodges them all and reappears behind Vegeta, sending his own blast. Due to the flamboyant and campy nature of the group’s stance, it has been frequently parodied by the fans of the series. Vegeta says he’s found them and they have a Dragon Ball, just what he’s looking for.

He continues by tossing a powerful blast in their direction, which they continue to dodge. The Tokuentai dodge every blast from the laser guns and proceed to halt three more soldiers with fierce punches, knocking them into the ground. Zarbon reappears and blasts again, but Vegeta dodges and kicks Zarbon in his face.

Its track numbers are M and M