The comparison step E 56 is followed by a calculation step E 57 for calculating the modifications to be made to the imitation audio signal as a function of the recorded model. Unlimited One-Day Delivery and more. Method and apparatus for masking unnatural phenomena in synthetic speech using a simulated environmental effect. These modifications are applied by overall automatic gain control to modify the corrected audio signal in a modification step E These modules are categorized in 4 types of exercises phonetic, general, thematic, free speech. In this method of performing a song, a calibration step E 61 can be executed before performing a song. Get to Know Us.

speedlingua 2011

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An audio-intonation calibration method according to either claim 3characterized in that the range of audible frequencies is divided into at least 50 frequency bands. Language learning program and computer readable sspeedlingua medium having the same. Electronic musical apparatus for synthesizing vocal sounds using format sound synthesis techniques.

In this acquisition step E 13an imitation audio signal emitted by the subject S is zpeedlingua up via a microphone, for example. The spectral analysis step E 15 is similar to that previously described for the audio signal to be imitated, and analyzes the intensity of the audio signal recovered in this way from the subject S over a series of frequency bands.

As shown in FIG.

US20050074132A1 – Method of audio-intonation calibration – Google Patents

During the playing of a song, the file containing only the accompaniment is fed to the subject S via the amplifier and headphones. According to preferred features of the invention, the above calibration method further includes a step of storing the spectral analysis of the model audio signal to be imitated. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. The intensity specific to each of the frequency bands analyzed is measured in the analysis step E In the case of a foreign language, this audio signal can be a word or a set of words pronounced by a native speaker of the language being studied.


Voices Speedlingua: software to facilitate language learning

As previously, this sound file can be stored on a hard disk of a computer or on any other data speedlignua CD-ROM, memory card, etc. Auditory sense training method and sound processing method for auditory sense training. If the calibration is to be carried out, a step E 42 of generating an example generates a speedlngua audio signal.

To facilitate memorization by the subject of the term to be repeated, a display step E 35 corresponding to the display step E 24 shown in FIG. It therefore enables a subject to sing in the manner of a singer, and can be used in a karaoke system, for example. A sound card 17 is also provided and is adapted to cooperate with a microphone 6 and headphones 7 to emit an audio signal or to receive wpeedlingua audio signal emitted by the subject. Of course, many modifications can be made to the embodiments previously described without departing from the scope of the invention.

speedlingua 2011

The input gain zpeedlingua the computer sound card is then adjusted in an adjustment step E It is an entertaining, efficient and practical self-learning software solution, which considerably improves oral abilities understanding speed,ingua speaking in a foreign language. Effectiveness of spatial cues, prosody, and talker characteristics in selective attention. Thus the emission step E 34 enables the subject S to hear an audio signal to be imitated corresponding to a word or a phrase of a text spoken by a native speaker of the language being studied.

Thanks to the specific functions of Speedlingua Personal Edition, you will quickly: The speedllngua method then includes an emission step E 22 which reproduces the corrected audio signal to the auditory organs of the subject S.

speedlingua 2011

The measurement step E 14 thus determines the overall envelope of the imitation audio signal. A method of practicing speaking a language being studied using the audio-intonation calibration method shown in FIG.


The acquisition method shown in FIG. That document describes a device in which an audio signal emitted by a subject is modified by processing it to take account of the spedlingua of a foreign language being studied and of the harmonic content of that language.

SpeedLingua Personal Edition (PC): : Software

Of course, separate software could be used for different foreign speedlongua. The result of the calculation is used to correct the imitation audio signal in a step E A method of this kind is based on a principle known in the art whereby the vocal provision 20011 a subject, i.

And the web in all this? On powering up, the programs and methods relating to the invention stored in a memory, for example the read only memory 12are transferred into the random access memory 13which then contains the executable code of the invention and the variables necessary to implement the invention.

Thus the calibration method increases or decreases in real time the intensity of the various frequencies contained in the imitation audio signal compared to a prerecorded model audio signal. An audio-intonation calibration method according to claim 8characterized in that it further includes, before the emission step E 22a speedlinggua E 23 of modifying the model audio signal to speexlingua imitated as a function of parameters representative of a language being studied.

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