So, Onyinye is just a tip of the iceberg? She has to be able to understand me and my chosen career. So, my first love had always been music. When I came to Lagos, I believed the best thing for me was to get a job and I got one in a bank. Of course yes, my brother.

obiwon onyinye

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Even though he did not encourage me to play music, genetically, I was able to pick a lot of the music. Searching for more songs from an artiste with a score below 5 is at the listener’s risk. She has to be able to understand me and my chosen career. And you know, love is the most abused thing in the world. Even if you have the talent, it is still not enough.

Onyinye by Obiwon – The Clean Vibes

I will still have to do some other business, but I have always wanted to do my own thing—to be my own boss. Why did you drop banking for music?

How do you categorise your music? I have never studied music.

Onyinye Has Opened Doors For Me —Obiwon

From my experience in the bank, I know that you can actually be wealthier when you employ labour instead of you being employed. How many doors has the song opened for you?


obiwon onyinye

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Status Not open for further replies. In this interview with Entertainment Obiwwon, the Onyinye crooner, who was once a banker, talks about his music, life and other issues Q: Local Government – Tha Suspect.

Obiwon – Onyinye (Heaven’s Gift)

So that is what is sustaining me now. Obiora Nwokolobia Onyknye, popularly known as Obiwon is currently one of the raves in the music industry. Then music must have been paying your bills heavily? I have music inside me that I have not even brought out. You have to treat female onyine carefully, in fact, fans generally, if you are going to focus on your career or go far. Thread starter blackpearl Start date Jun 1, Thank you for your subscription. As soon as the right person comes around.

Who is your obiiwon of woman? Video of the Week. When are you getting married? At times, I hear a melody I have never heard in my life in dreams and I will convert it to songs.


I left as an officer in the bank.

Onyinye was somebody I was seriously involved with at a time in my life, but the relationship did not work out as it fell apart before my album came out. I worked as a banker for three years and by the time I released my debut album last year, I felt it was time for me to go on and do what I wanted to do.

Of course yes, my brother.

Onyinye (Heaven’s Gift), a song by Obiwon on Spotify

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obiwon onyinye

Is that why the group broke up? Most of my musical prowess is genetic and self thought.