Nine Heavens is the second album of Iranian music group Niyaz, an acoustic electronic project. Feraghi – Song of Exile Acoustic. The word “Niyaz” means “yearning” in Persian. It is their first album to feature no Urdu songs. The Hunt Niyaz 1. Nine Heavens Other recordings available: It was originally reported that like their previous album Nine Heavens it would be released as a double album with one disc each for acoustic versions and electronic versions of songs, though it was released as a normal record with ten songs.

niyaz nine heavens

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Listen to this album and millions more. The album is divided into 2 discs.

niyaz nine heavens

About Media Store Contact. Heavene album’s lyrics are mostly in Persian with two songs in Turkish and features the band’s first lyrics in Arabic and Kurdish.

Nine Heavens

With a strong emphasis on composition, Niyaz centers on the deep interconnectedness between the music of Iran, India and Turkey, and delves further into the traditional melodies of these regions with outstanding performances by its core members as well as guest musicians of the highest caliber from these three traditions. Nine Heavens will be released as a double CD featuring one disc of electronic and one disc of acoustic versions of the tracks on June 24, Your Connection to traditional and contemporary World Music including folk, roots and various types of global fusion.


Having set this standard of outstanding achievement, Niyaz purports to break new ground with Nine Heavenswhich will be released in two versions. Feraghi – Song of Miyaz Acoustic.

niyaz nine heavens

Nine Heavens Other recordings available: Sumud, which was released on 22 Mayis the third album by Niyaz. Buy the CDs of MP3 downloads: Nine Heavens is the second album of Iranian music group Niyaz, an acoustic electronic project.

The album features the guest appearance of A. The Best of Niyaz Niyaz 1. Account Options Sign in. The Fourth Light Niyaz 1. Announced on September 20, as a companion piece to the album Sumud, the EP contains six songs, three of which are renditions of songs none Sumud. Feraghi – Song of Exile.

Niyaz consists of three prominent artists, Azam Ali, best known as the vocalist of the successful world music group Niyzz, Loga Ramin Torkian, the multi-instrumentalist and composer for the critically acclaimed group Axiom of Choice, and Carmen Rizzo, a two time Grammy Award nominee producer and remixer.

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The lyrical framework for Nine Heavens once again features beautiful Persian and Urdu mystical poems by some of the greatest Sufi poets, two original interpretations of traditional folk songs from Khorassan, Iran, and one soulful folk song from Maras, Turkey. The influences on the album range from Sufi poetry to haunting Indian sounds to booming Middle-Eastern melodies. Niyaz Remixed – EP Niyaz 1.


Sumud Acoustic EP Niyaz 1. Ali, niine vocalist of Vas, is used to groundbreaking circumstances — she has continually redefined the classical Persian, Urdu and even Baroque canons with tasteful flourishes of modernity. More Albums See more.

Nine Heavens – Niyaz

The word “Niyaz” means “yearning” in Persian. A hugely original album that fuses a number of genres together, it features songs loaded with classy hooks and driven by beautiful melodies. Nuyaz on the song Mazaar, a traditional Afghan folk song. Tour Dates No events.

Reviews – Nine Heavens

Nine Heavens In Europe: Add this album to your collection- it is definitely worth it. Njne Hunt Niyaz 1. It is their first album to feature no Urdu songs. But first a few more words about Nine Heavens to be released on June 24th: