Our Verdict Look beyond its presets and you’ll find CronoX3 to be a powerful and innovative synth. Most synthesizers offer various waveforms. It would seem that LinPlug have ripped a page or two from Apple’s instrument design manual, as CronoX3 looks rather similar to some of the Logic Pro plug-ins. These Generators are essentially semi-modular slots, into which you can place any one of four different sound generation modules. The first of these modules is a standard analogue oscillator that operates in a very similar manner to those in Albino.

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The Generators can be mixed and matched in almost any manner before being passed through the two filter modules in either series linplug cronox 2 parallel configurations. Interestingly, the Gator is capable of operating on linplug cronox 2 the left and right channels independently, paving the way for all manner of crazy stereo effects. However, they are slightly below the extraordinary standard set by Albino 2’s superb Silk and Cream filters.

The effects section is far better than that in CronoX2, and features mono, stereo and ping-pong delays, plus a chorus, a phaser and a Flanger. Huge bank of sounds. Powerful Modulation Matrix Creativity loves options. When a product reaches version 2 and is still being widely ignored by the buying populace, questions start having to be asked.

The CronoX 2 is available lniplug online purchase at the LinPlug website. You can time-stretch it in realtime time is available as modulation destinationpitch-shift it without affecting the duration, and you can use key tracking to control the Time parameter, allowing you to create really weird sample-based waveforms.


vst linplug cronox 2

CronoX’s modulation matrix offers more than modulation routings. Cronlx speed dial is the key thing here, as it determines the playback speed of the entire keyboard range and allows you to generate some extremely interesting sounds from the most mundane of samples. The documents and the information of this web site may not cronos changed, especially copyright notices may not be removed or changed.

It can hold up to 64 samples and comes complete with velocity switching or crossfading, speed linplug cronox 2 and unison and tuning controls.

The Schrader Generator linplug cronox 2 your sample as a wavetable. All processors have numerous modulation capabilities. All of these can be tempo-synced to the host application. The other three Generators are sample-based oscillators into which you can load your own samples. Install the demo directly here. CronoX offers you an endless lin;lug of waveforms. The two configurable ADSFR envelope generators and the four LFOs can be routed to virtually any internal destination cronpx LinPlug’s now famous modulation matrix – this has been plagiarised in many a virtual instrument since the original release of LinPlug Alpha.

News: LinPlug Releases CronoX 2 VST Synthesizer

The final change comes in the shape of a vastly expanded modulation section. The bit Analogue oscillator can be used to produce classic analog-style waveforms ranging from square to sawtooth. And in CronoX you can modulate many parameters that are not accessible in other synth!

All technical specifications and prices of the products specified on this web site may be subject to change without notice. There are three of these in total: The sample processing that has made the RM 2 famous. LinPlug announced the release of the CronoX 2. So you can modulate the pitch and time base of a sample independently of each other. This is certainly no bad thing, however: Four types of generators are available: All in all, the creative options are enormous, especially for those in search of new and unusual sounds with which to expand their sonic palette.


Linplug cronox 2 Time Sampler is a single sample playback device that allows you to adjust the duration and pitch of linplug cronox 2 sample independently of each other in real time – the length of the sample can even be modulated from the mod matrix.

LinPlug Virtual Instruments

Most synthesizers offer various waveforms. And of course in realtime with all modulations options you can expect from a GakStoar series synthesizer. Now, ilnplug the launches of Albino 2 and SaxLab out of the way, LinPlug have turned their attention to CronoX once more, giving it an adrenaline injection that may cause the nonbelievers to revise their opinions.

All of the Generators have adjustable tuning and a spread control – this enables you to generate unison signals and physically detune them to generate rich, full-on sounds without any loss in polyphony. Allowing you to mangle samples in a way not seen before in a VST instrument.