Electrical circuits for equipment in cargo spaces which is unsuitable for use in an explosive atmosphere shall be isolated by removal of links in the system other than fuses. The present edition incorporates amendment , which may be applied from 1 January on a voluntary basis, anticipating its envisaged official entry into force on 1 January Relaties 2 relaties gevonden bij document. This cargo is mainly composed of black crushed lumps and pieces principally containing carbon and other impurities. The angle of repose of the cargoes shall establish which provisions of this section apply. Black powder or granules. Appropriate safety precautions shall be taken when entering the cargo spaces, taking into account the recommendations developed by the Organization.

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During handling imsbc code this cargo all non-working hatches of the cargo spaces into which this cargo is loaded shall be closed. This cargo includes shaped blocks made of iron and steel slag with one of the additives or a combination of additives: Water should not be used at sea. It is loaded as ismbc fine powder that aggregates into lumps.

IMSBC Code and Supplement Edition (IIE)

It is not recommended to apply a fine spray imsbc code fresh water to this cargo when it will be stored in an enclosed space or is to be transhipped. Imsbc code the first to review this product. The administration may, if it considers that the planned voyage does not exceed 5 days from the commencement of loading to the completion of discharge, exempt from the requirements of a fitted fixed gas fire-extinguishing system in the cargo spaces for the carriage of imsbc code cargo.

Consequently the ship may progressively reach a dangerous heel and capsize quite suddenly. Back to top Carriage of ammonium nitrate based fertilizer In May to the west of the island Helgoland on board the bulk carrier “Purple Beach” which was loaded with fertilizer, a strong smoke production occurred in the area of the cargo holds.


See sections 7 and 8 of this Code. In addition to the required documentation for the transport of solid bulk cargoes all transboundary movements of wastes shall be accompanied by a waste movement document from the point at which a transboundary movement commences to the point of disposal.

Liquefaction can result in cargo shift.

Due consideration shall be given to ensure that the tank top is not overstressed during the voyage and during loading by a pile of the cargo. To set out exact rules for the distribution of loading is not practicable for all ships because the structural arrangements of each vessel may vary greatly.

Screenings means dockage that has been removed from grain that does not qualify for any other grain grades. Bilge wells of the cargo spaces shall be protected from ingress of the cargo. Repeat imsbc code procedure 25 times at one- or two-second intervals. For cohesive cargoes, the general provisions in subsection 5. The master shall consider to consult the authorities at the ports of loading and discharge, as necessary, concerning the requirements which may be in force and applicable for the carriage.

If heated strongly decomposes, risk of toxic fumes and gases which support combustion, in the cargo space and on deck. Such responsibility may vary according to the laws and customs of different countries and the international conventions into which imsbc code countries have entered. Oxidizing substances The materials in this class are materials while in imsbc code not necessarily combustible, may, generally by yielding oxygen, cause, or contribute to, the combustion of other material.


Mandatory Application of the International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes Code (IMSBC Code)

They are light and are about half the size of a bottle cork. Section 10 Carriage of solid wastes in bulk Carriage of cpde wastes in bulk. After loading is completed de-aeration occurs almost immediately and the product settles into a stable mass.

On arrival in port, the cargo will need to be dug imsbc code to reach the seat of the fire.

What is IMSBC or International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes Code & What are its contents?

There shall be no leakage outside the cargo space in which this cargo is stowed. A full description of the equipment and procedure is given in subsection 2. Divisions provided to meet these requirements shall not imsbc code constructed of wood. Risk of dust explosion when loading.

Bulk cargoes (IMSBC) — Home

This cargo is insoluble in water. Do not use steam. The provisions of this chapter remain recommendatory except subsection Use copious quantities of water, which is best applied in the form of a spray to avoid disturbing imsbc code surface of the material. Ammonium Nitrate UN with not more than 0. Imabc, this is a non-dusty product, however, in particularly dry imsbc code, if dust is generated a filter mask shall also be worn.

Sulphur UN crushed lump and coarse grained Note: