Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Taking in the Son feat. I Surrender All feat. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Gwaan Natty Mark Mohr.

christafari no compromise

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I Coompromise All feat. Musically, the band reflects Mohr’s background in roots reggae and dancehall and is noted for its high-energy concert performances. Styles Reggae Gospel Gospel.

Try Jah Love feat.

christafari no compromise

Jazz Latin New Age. Gravity landed in while the dub version, Gravitational Dub, appeared one year later; the children’s album Reggae Sunday School followed in Drinking Hanging Out In Love.

Christafari was the first Christian reggae band. No Compromise marks the 20th anniversary of this pioneering Christian reggae band, and the group has aged well.

No Compromise

But the band works hard at educating its audiences, and it seems to be working. Nearly every one of them features a guest appearance by a similarly inclined singer or deejay, most of them relatively obscure Solomon JabbyDominic Balli but a few of them — notably the great dancehall chatter Papa San — are fairly well-known.

Led by pastor Mark MohrChristafari continues to blend fully credible roots and dancehall reggae with an unapologetically evangelical Christian message, and that blend has never sounded better than it does on these 15 tracks.


When he first began listening to reggae, he didn’t like it, but a family vacation to Jamaica changed his perspective. Two years later the group dropped Hearts of Fire, which entered the Billboard Reggae Albums chart at number one. In the reggae community, however, the band has not been widely accepted, and matters didn’t improve when Mohr penned a book deriding Rastafarianism.

Streams Videos All Posts. Gwaan Natty Mark Mohr. Mention” Yarnes has been playing drums since childhood and has a music degree from Cal State Long Beach. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Comprmise was founded in by born-again Christian Mark Mohr. Release Date August 18, Taking in the Son. While staying in a Cleveland hotel, dancehall artist Buju Banton showed his displeasure with the band by attacking and cutting Mohr with a knife, but Mohr, in a gesture of forgiveness, refused to press charges.

No Compromise by Christafari on Spotify

Oceans – EP O Holy Night feat. He Is Greater Than I feat.

christafari no compromise

Reggae Worship – A Roots Revival. Move in You Reprise feat. By the time he recommitted to Christ and gave up ganja at a church summer camp, Mohr was well-versed in roots reggae and different dancehall styles.

More by Christafari

In addition to founding the group, Mark Mohr has also studied at Biola University and started the missionary organization “Jamaica for Jesus,” a group that preaches Christian doctrines on Jamaican streets and leads Bible compomise.


Upon seeing the group’s name, and the fact that founder Mark “Tansoback” Mohr sported long dreads, one might deduce that the bandmembers promoted a combination of Rastafarianism and Christianity, but the band’s moniker actually comes from the Latin derivation of the Greek New Testament word “Christafari,” meaning a group of people who represent Christ.

Christafari’s other frequent members include lead singer Erik “Earth Man” Sundin, a son of Salvation Army missionaries who has himself been a missionary in Jamaica and Latin America, and has also worked with urban kids in the U. Oceans Where Feet May Fail [feat.

christafari no compromise

Mainstream Christians have not always accepted Christafari either, primarily because they are unfamiliar with or suspicious of reggae music.

Champion Sound Mark Mohr. Move in You Reprise Mark Mohr. Listen on Apple Music.