What more do you want? Just wanted to say thanks for all the thoughts on Alchemy. It is very entertaining. View our Frequent Questions. Jul 31,

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Magic Tricks

There are VERY few complete vanishes you can do with spectators behind you I alchemist by ben seidman think I actually know of any un-gimmicked onesso I don’t think they were trying to lead people on like that. Ben Seidman has done a lot when compared to any magician. You should have basic knowledge of coin magic before you attempt to learn this. Showing the Most Alchemist by ben seidman Newest.

I practiced every day on the bus for weeks. This single coin routine is the best I have ever learnt. Putting these things aside, this is a great trick to add to your coin routine. So would you say that the shot in the trailer that is taken from the rear is misleading?

From the mind of magician Ben Seidman comes another wonderful piece of coin magic, allowing you to visually vanish a coin or change it into another object. Jul 31, Stucky Inner circle I’m Batman!


Schism Regular user Posts. Great little coin routine that you can practice anywhere. Where does Eric Jones and Rune Klan teach their version of this trick? Angles Perhaps the biggest limitation in Alchemy is its angles. And I think folks will truly appreciate the overall honesty in your “Bottom Line” of it all.

Dan Bernier Inner circle Canada Posts. It will make your spectators believe they just saw real magic. I think this is effect is great. You can turn a coin into virtually anything you please: The Other Brothers Alchemy Review Official Review. He has some great change ideas in the video that are really quite intriguing. Find Out how to pay. Shop with confidence thanks to our Price Matching Policy. Only to capture a spectator’s reaction. If I was surrounded or had shifty angels I would use something else for sure.

He starts out the download with a story about a strawberry. The sleight is explained from multiple angles front, over the shoulder, alchemist by ben seidman up and even in slow motion a few times.


Alchemy by ben seidman

Not to mention that Ponta has a whole DVD full of this kind of knuckle-busting stuff and he also makes it look easy. I learnt other single coin routines from bt books. Product info for Alchemy Author: I really enjoy reviews and would do more if my magic budget would let me.

While the angles are going to turn a lot of people off to this especially those who do restaurant or party workthis will have its uses.

Alchemy by Ben Seidman : Reviews – Tricks ‘n Props

I highly recomment this for the beginner coin magician. Very original, good production! I just try to share what I’ve contributed because I’ve learned a great deal from others who have done the same.