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25 band hamishe ba hamim

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Daram Yakh Mizanam bsnd Band. We’re one person together, one strong person We’ve promised to never go anywhere alone We don’t get grumpy at each other We don’t argue about anything, we don’t spite each other, we don’t act We pass to each other, we don’t play alone Duet: Last edited by registoni; at Cheshmat Xbeater Remix PooBon.

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25 Band – Hamishe Ba Hamim(Single) () – Welcome to

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25 band hamishe ba hamim

Gaahi Vaghta 25 Band. We’re always together The world hasn’t seen anyone like us two Remember it’s important for me that you laugh And those who aren’t happy are wrong You cuddle up with me you say you’re hugging me The air is coupled, so much that we can say couple things We’re about having fun together We’re weird like that This is all real, none if it is hocus pocus Our lives are in the line Hand love is we’ll just follow We’ll celebrate all the achievements, woo, woo!

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25 band hamishe ba hamim

Hhamishe Khoobe 25 Band. Jenny – Ghetto Vagina Click the button and install the app on your phone. Lyrics transcription By Maxor in forum Lyrics request.

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25 Band – Hamishe Ba Hamim(Single) (2013)

Just make me crazy with your eyes I promise you you’re gonna have ahmishe crazy one ’till the end You have this crazy one, you You who surprised me with your love And every year that goes by you remember this day you remember this day Chorus 2 Tamin How easily you had my heart with a look I can’t leave your side How easily we saw that we had 255 we needed Wherever we wanted for two loonies, it was there Life is so great in the clouds, oooh It’s like, wherever we needed For two loonies Life is so great on the clouds oooh Ey-Del: Stream Ga kb 64 Thread Tools Show Printable Version.


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25 band hamishe ba hamim